The Eco-entrepreneurs, a Global Movement: Unreasonable at Sea, Sensecamp, Climbiz & Incubaeco

The Eco-entrepreneurs, a Global Movement: Unreasonable at Sea, Sensecamp, Climbiz & Incubaeco

A movement is on the rise. Over the last months a series of international events have been occurring, propelling a global movement to its birth: the Eco-entrepreneurs, or those entrepreneurs that not only create environmental value, but do so by being role models in terms of environmental practices, and through profitable business models. In all of them, Incubaeco we have taken part in one way or another:

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We participated as speakers (see picture below) and facilitators of a workshop aimed at providing eco-entrepreneurs with an approach to build a movement around an environmental problem, and then develop an ecological and social business at its heart.

Jesus Iglesias from Incubaeco, speaker at SenseCamp Barcelona. On the left hand, presenting Incubaeco’s Incubation & Acceleration programs for eco-entrepreneurs and its contribution to the global movement; and on the right hand, participating in one of the workshops to foster environmental/social innovation.
“I’m the transition, you’re the new world.”

The Climbiz Challenge: Black Sea Climate & Business Initiative

As members of an international jury of experts on eco-entrepreneurship, through our collaboration with UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), we took part in this UNDP-led iniative by examining and deliberating on a wide range of projects founded by eco-entrepreneurs from various countries in the Black Sea region. Some of the selected eco-entrepreneurs (the “challengers“) include:

  • Agrobiobrichet (Moldova): production of solid fuels from biomass (briquettes/pellets) – agricultural residues (cereal straw, corn stalks and sunflowers, etc.) are used as raw materials.
  • Balyolu (Turkey): a rural incubator for food entrepreneurs, funded by tasting tours and socially conscious consumers
  • Brite Hellas (Greece): Brite is focusing on enabling mass production of innovative, transparent photovoltaic panels which can be integrated as windows in buildings.
  • Ecovolis (Albania): Solar Enterprise (an Ecovolis spin-off) is an environmental and social business, which aims to raise the awareness of citizens towards the use of renewable energies by providing examples and offering practical possibilities of solar energy deployment for lighting.
  • Eco BaG (Serbia): Eko BaG is taking over used PVC foils from companies to produce bags, wallets, envelops and other fashionable products.
  • Green Tours Ukraine (Ukraine): Green Tours Ukraine aims to enhance sustainable green tourism, promote Ukraine as a viable destination for travelers of all likes and to provide Ukrainian nationals with the skills and knowledge to become successful tour guide entrepreneurs.
  • MiKo LLC (Russian Federation): Miko produces eco-friendly detergents, which consist for 100% of natural raw materials.
  • ViitorPlus – asociatia pentru dezvoltare durabila (RICICLETA) (Romania): socially challenged people are employed to collect and transport paper wastes for recycling with cargo- tricycles, a carbon free transportation alternative.

Jesus Iglesias, member of the International Jury of the ClimBiz Challenge

Unreasonable at Sea

We helped the Unreasonable communication team in Barcelona reach out to a large audience and attract eco-entrepreneurs from all over Spain and abroad. In turn, the Unreasonable team broadcasted the Incubaeco program through its numerous far-reaching channels. Besides, we attended the presentations of world-class eco-entrepreneurs the likes of:

  • Aquaphytex: providing clean water to 300,000 people w/out chemicals or energy (just plants).
  • Damascus Fortune: nanotechnology that transforms carbon emissions into material for spaceships.
  • Protei: wind powered, shape shifting, open source sailing drones that clean oceans.
  • One Earth Designs: harnesses the sun for cooking & energy. Ranked best solar cooker on earth.

Arrival of the “unreasonable” eco-entrepreneurs at Barcelona.

So if you happen to have a green project, with potential to generate a positive environmental and social impact in your community, don’t hesitate, join the movement 😉