Who is who? Open “elevator pitch” for international eco-entrepreneurs (Nov 13, BCN)

Who is who? Open “elevator pitch” for international eco-entrepreneurs (Nov 13, BCN)

InternationalEcoentrepreneurs_Incubaeco_Nov20th2013Incubaeco in action, from top-left to bottom-right: workshop on eco-entrepreneurship in Italy, eco-business model hands-on sessions in Lebanon, training for trainers in Tunisia and Global Eco Forum in Barcelona.

2014 is approaching quickly, and with it a brand new opportunity for eco-entrepreneurs to embark in a lifetime’s adventure and apply the definitive propulsion to their ecological and common-good seeking ideas and projects. After a successful 2013 edition, January will see Incubaeco 2014 open proceedings with various state-of-the-art Incubation and Acceleration programs aimed at eco-entrepreneurs and carried out by eco-entrepreneurs. These comprehensive programs offer all-in-one sets of tools and resources for eco-entrepreneurs to focus, hone, validate, finance, connect and kick-start their projects and maximize their environmental and social impact via innovative, viable and self-sufficient business models.

In Barcelona, besides Spanish, if sufficient strong candidates apply, these programs will also be conducted in English, for all those international eco-entrepreneurs residing in the cosmopolitan City of Gaudí. On top of the language and the unparalleled context, the programs’ “International Path” embodies a unique global perspective drawing from the broad international experience of Incubaeco’s founding organizations:

  • Emprendae and Inèdit Innovació are co-authors and official trainers of the United Nations Environment Programme‘s eco-entrepreneurship methodology for green business creation and development (UNEP/MAP – CP/RAC); having trained and advised eco-entrepreneurs all along the Mediterranean basin (Spain, Italy, Montenegro, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, etc.) for more than 2 years. 
  • Eco-union is a world-class leader in Euro-Mediterranean sustainability forums, thanks to the renown Global Eco Forum they have been organizing since 2008, always with through a multi-stakeholder lens, and with a cooperation-oriented approach.

As a first step towards “Incubaeco 2014 – International Path”, on November 13th 2013 (6:30 pm), at our headquarters (Eco-working BCN, C/Ciutat de Granada 69B, 08005 Barcelona. Metro: Llacuna), we will host an open elevator pitch” for any eco-entrepreneur, from anywhere in the world, to step in and inspire the rest of us with the passion emanating from her or his project. A 3 minutes’s speech plus a 2 minutes’s round of questions … and the whole evening to know the details and meet fellow eco-changemakers 😉


  • 6:30 – 6:50 pm: brief introduction to Incubaeco and its 2014’s Incubation & Acceleration programs, with special emphasis given to the international path, and room for questions. 
  • 6:50 – 8:00 pm: eco-entrepreneurs’ pitches
  • 8:00 – 8:30 pm: networking & ecological cocktail

Application and registration

Up to 10 courageous candidates will be able to seize this wonderful opportunity and get on stage. So, if this message resonates with you, you happen to have an idea or a project involving environmental value creation through a socially-conceived concept, and want to share it with the world to get some quality feedback and tons of new ideas and connections … just let us know by filling up the following form, briefly describing your idea/project in the section: “8B. Other reasons for attendance/participation”. Or if you simply want to attend the event and get inspired, please fill it too:

On we go, fellow eco-entrepreneurs 😉

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