“Greenweekend BCN + Incubaeco 2014”, Eco-entrepreneurs’ magic formula

“Greenweekend BCN + Incubaeco 2014”, Eco-entrepreneurs’ magic formula

LAST MINUTE: 1 in 5 people that register for the Greenweekend BCN will be granted free-entry after a selection process that Incubaeco will perform to pick the ideas/projects with the most potential for impact (environmental, social and economic). To participate in this contest, send an email with your registration receipt (paypal) and a brief description of your idea/project to ecoentrepreneurs@incubaeco.org. The chosen candidates will be reimbursed the price ticket.

After successful stops in Madrid, Valencia and Huelva, the Greenweekend comes to city of Gaudi on February 14-16, and turns international along the way. The Greenweekend is a hands-on, intensive weekend to brainstorm, model, connect and push your eco-project to the next level.


Eco-entrepreneurs from Greenweekend Valencia. November 2013.

Incubaeco we co-organize the Greenweekend Barcelona, an initiative from Enviroo.com, seeking to empower Barcelona-area international eco-entrepreneurs by gathering the best and brightest of the eco-entrepreneurship ecosystem under the form of expert mentors and juries, investors, sponsors, international organizations and numerous other collaborators. All ready to brainstorm, challenge and share their experience and expertise to propel your project.

And it all falls just at the right time, as a mere 2 weeks later, “Incubaeco 2014 – International Edition” (Incubation & Acceleration programs by and for eco-entrepreneurs) will begin proceedings, providing a handy continuation for the Greenweekend participants to actually turn their projects into viable, high-impact eco-enterprises. In this very sense indeed, the 3 winners from the Greenweekend will be granted with substantial discounts from Incubaeco 2014’s registration fees: 100% for the winner, 50% for the 2nd ranked, and 25% for the third. Besides, the winning project will get 1,000 euros in cash, courtesy of Enviroo.

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Incubaeco’s community of eco-entrepreneurs and ecosystem of actors in action!

Have a green project in the making? The time is now to make it happen. Apply it the magic formula (Greenweekend + Incubaeco 2014 – International Edition) and buckle up 😉

1. Sign-up to the event on our Meetup group: Barcelona Eco-entrepreneurs
2. Buy your ticket at Barcelona.greenweekend.org (limited spots!!)