Crowdfunding: success stories of eco-entrepreneurs with Goteo & Incubaeco (February 13, BCN)

Crowdfunding: success stories of eco-entrepreneurs with Goteo & Incubaeco (February 13, BCN)

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Eco-entrepreneurs’ winning hand to raise funds and promote their projects: Goteo + Incubaeco’s dedicated crowdfunding channel for and by eco-entrepreneurs

“One for all, and all for one”, that simple motto from the well-known mousquetaires holds as true as ever. Change comes both in compelling numbers and inspiring stories. The crowdfunding, or funding by the crowd, has rapidly become not only a powerful tool to get seed funds for a project, but also a major communication tool to spread a message, and a prototyping platform from where to test the waters and validate the hypothesis behind a business model. And it doesn’t quite stop there: it realizes its potential when used for common-good seeking projects the likes of eco-entrepreneurs’.

Along these lines, Goteo and Incubaeco we’ve partnered to create a dedicated crowdfunding channel aimed at eco-entrepreneurs and run by eco-entrepreneurs. Goteo brings in their experience as Spain’s major player in eco and social crowdfunding, and Incubaeco the power of our communication impact, network of collaborators and media partners to make crowdfunding campaigns be heard around the four corners. In this sense, we are co-organizing an event aimed at gauging the potential of this tool -crowdfunding- for eco-entrepreneurs to fund and boost their projects, as well as to identify best practices.  It will take place on February 13 (7 pm) at Incubaeco Barcelona’s headquarters: Apocapoc BCN. Besides presenting such channel and its place within Incubaeco 2014‘s programs and ecosystem, a number of success stories will be showcased and analysed in depth, in search of winning strategies and lessons learned. An open debate among all participants and attendants, followed by our trademark top-quality networking will put a nice end to another major step forward!

Success stories to be presented:

Join the Incubaeco 2014 crew and get your project fine-tuned, tested, promoted, funded and propelled into success 😉

Event details:
February 13, 2014. 7 pm
Apocapoc BCN
More info:
Jesus Iglesias
Phone #: +34 665839057