Green startups for a greener Europe’s economy

Green startups for a greener Europe’s economy

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Incubaeco has recently joined forces with the German Federal association of green economy, starting a first common project called “Thinking green: towards an ecological and sustainable economy in Europe”. Both organizations work in our respective countries towards sustainable development and a green and sustainable economy. As a first step in this cooperation, we are collecting data on stakeholders and green initiatives and startups, with the aim of mapping the state of the sector in EU. For the moment, we’re beginning here and now, and we want you to be part of the process: green startups in Spain for a greener Europe’s economy. 😉
(we’ll inform about following steps in another post soon)

As a result, we spread this CALL for submission: if you consider that your project/startup/SME is a key player in the green economy sector in Spain, and therefore it deserves to be included in the mapping we’re currently developing, please do not hesitate to complete the following table (downloadable by clicking in the green box below) and email it back to before 13th January 2015. We really appreciate your input!

[DKB url=”″ text=”CALL for green startups: downloadable table to be submitted for the mapping” title=”Green startups mapping: downloadable table” opennewwindow=”no” nofollow=”yes” color=”#23473e”]

We’re particularly interested in registering innovative initiatives and green startups that transform the economy towards sustainability, facilitate the transition towards a low carbon economy, mitigate and adapt to climate change. We firmly believe that future scenarios must be orientated to the following:

  • Preserve natural capital. 
  • Produce better, more efficiently. 
  • Consume more wisely.
  • Food, water, and energy security. 
  • Biodiversity conservation. 
  • Ecosystem integrity. 
  • Redirect financial flows. 

There are a vast number of sectors, subsectors and niches where we can foster initiatives and green startups to make these scenarios come true! But we don’t have much time ahead. So hurry up! Help us to green Europe’s economy! 🙂