Eco-incubation model

An eco-incubator in your city/region/country?

Our philosophy is rooted on the search for the maximum positive impact (environmental, social and economic) by adapting successful business models to local conditions. In this manner, we offer the possibility of replicating Incubaeco’s model in other cities and regions. Yes, it is well about replicating the model, but no under the same “brand” -Incubaeco- through a franchise mechanism or the like. We do not believe in centralized systems that go beyond the human/local scale and thus we focus exclusively in the regions where we live (Madrid, Barcelona and Castilla y León), where we accurately know the context and the actors making up the eco-entrepreneurship scene.

Our vision of the world revolves around humility and work-life balance and so we do not want to grow as a company, being nonetheless more than willing to pass on the know-how behind our model to those people and organizations that may wish to implement it in their local regions or cities, under their own brand, via partnerships with their own local contacts and by means of their own resources. 

On this matter, we provide services of training of trainers as well as capacity building and engagement of local partners, through blended formulas combining physical intervention and online advising. Their duration and budget vary depending upon the nature, magnitude and maturity of the project at hand.

For mote information concerning this service of “training and capacity building for replicating Incubaeco’s model”, we suggest to fill up the “replicate” form, briefly describing the context of the project as well as your organization (or of yourself in case of free-lance professional), putting the accent on its role within the local eco-entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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